Fashion by Double A Presents: Read to the Spring with Paris Metro

Hello Ladies, how are you doing? I don't know about you, but I'm sick of this cold and I can't wait to the spring. So I'm trying to redo all my wardrobe (I love coupons) and inventory too! So, I'm here today to share some news from Paris Metro with you. I just felt in love with these dresses since the very first moment I saw them!
Actually, it's very unfair to say I liked the dresses, once they are complete outfits! These two first dresses includes the hat and the bracelets. To take care of my feet, I got these amazing sandals from Kalnins (they have a hud that allows you to change the skin tone, sandals color, nails color and metal color, so you get more than one pair of sandals).

This black and white gown reminded me these elegant and gorgeous ladies that go to the jockey to watch a horse racing, always very fashion, simple and elegant, with their hats and charm. And that's exactly also how I felt. 

I must also mention that these earrings and necklace were very kindly sent to me by Luana Juliesse, owner and creator of Milady's. They are amazingly well done and created with thousands of details as all the accessories that you will find at Milady's. Besides, Luana is such a sweet and dear friend.

This is the second time I'm blogging this skin. It's Linda (make up Day) by Vassnia. It's perfect for using everyday, it's soft and light. 

Ayalla is wearing:
skin: Linda Day - by Vassnia 
Shape: exclusive by Alon Alphaville
Eyes: Glossy Eyes (indigo) - by Rozena
outfit 1: Stretch Teri Beach Dress (Peachie) Hat+Bangles - by Paris Metro
outfit 2: Stretch Teri Beach Dress (Tourq) Hat+Bangles - by Paris Metro
outfit 3: Truth is Black & White Gown+Coctail Dress - by Paris Metro
shoes: Rhapsody - by Kalnins
Hair: Pia (night) - by Truth (new release)
Earrings and necklace: Precious- Platinum with Diamonds Set - by Milady's

Ayalla Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)


Norman Tisch | May 7, 2011 at 4:41 PM

Love the spring dresses with hat and bracelets, I would love to go out with my baby with her wearing that!

hoxn Ln | December 25, 2018 at 1:11 AM

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