Fashion by Double A presents: Bad@zz Hair at Mimi's Choice

Just as what you wear, your hair is totally necessary to complete your look. 

How to use your hair, is a matter of style and what matches with your face shape or even the occasion you need to get ready for. 

So, every time I see a great store to buy quality male hairs, I will share with you. After all, if someone provides the quality, you just need to choose the style! I found quality at Bad@zz Hair, let's pick a style?

This first one is called Exodus. If your style is more modern and you like fringe, this is the one for you. 

This is Fusion. It's still a modern look, but a little more conservative and keeps your face clean, so people can see your beautiful eyes.

Industry, the model bellow, is perfect for your everyday look.

If you have personality, this is your hair, Legacy.

This one looks like the hair cut for the night! It's Male Model.

This one is Notorius. The name just matches with the style. Simple and discreet, but still striking. This hair is for any occasion, night or day, formal or casual. 

The Short Styled is for guys that want to cause a strong impression at first sight... and the the second... the third... 

Find your style, I found the store ;)

Alon Alphaville

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