Fashion by Double A Presents: What to wear?

Isn't awful when you have to get dressed and have no idea of what to wear? In these cases, the suggestion is, try to feel your mood and dress accordingly. Sometimes it's not easy, I know, but these situation make you find out new items in your wardrobe... I mean, inventory!

To the girls, it's also important to put some make up on and highlight the face always!

This "what to wear" day, also happens to guys, right? If you can not detect what your mood it, it's better to opt for something basic and avoid any mistakes.

Skin: Bane Skin by Dead Bunneh
Shape: Adam Shape by Dead Bunneh
Hair: Frivolous Night Hair by Birth (new release)
Outfit: Simple black sweater & dark blue jeans by Alphamale
Shoes: Aviator Loafer Black by Redgrave

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Alena - by *OC*
Outfit: Beha Dress - by Aleida (gift)
Bracelet: Sabina - by MIAO
Hair: Ramona (night) - by Truth
Eyelashes: Flirty (blue) - by Laqroki
Eyes: Sensitive # 1 - by Unique Megastore

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville

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