Fashion by Double A Presents: Bud Skin by Prodigal

Ok... yes, I admit, this isn't exactly a real person.. but wow, Ry0ta Exonar know how to make character.

Poised for perfection?... Or just perfectly poised so as to achieve a perfect look that might only come about from being so poised in a perfect position, and... ah forget... This guy's just drop dead gorgeous.

3 skin tones : fair, medium and dark
Each single skin pack includes 2 skins (bald/buzz cut), a face light and eyebrows configuration)

Anyhow facial features aside, clearly the rest of this hottie is equally... well, it's more than just adorable; I'd say more like downright sexy. In a kind of super lean yet well defined way.

Each pack - $1100
Fat pack with all skins (8 facial hairs) - $3000

Alon Alphaville
Fashion by Double A

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