Fashion by Double A Presents: Let's Rock baby!!! - SF Designs

Let's rock baby! We felt like rocking today! Why not wear a leather outfit and get a bike to ride? 

So, we went for it! But for that, we needed the correct look. That's what fashion is about! Getting ready to go with style and elegance.

So, here Alon is wearing this great outfit called Celtic leathers (black) that matches with Ayalla's, the same Celtic leathers (red).

This is something that I like about SF Designs. We can dress and match some of the clothes as a couple! I know a lot of couples that will love that! Both outfits are from SF Designs

Other credits to Ayalla's look:
Hair: Aina - by Magika
Eyelashes: Flirt (brown) - by Laqroki
Shape: Kristten - by Unique Megastore
Skin: Kristten - by Unique Megastore
Eyes: Sensitive Eyes # 14 - by Unique Megastore
Shoes: Madonna Heels - by RedGrave
Outfit: Celtic leathers red - ladies - by SF Design

Alon is wearing:
Skin: Birth - Vitalis Skin light tone
Eyes: Unique Megastore - Natural eyes 3 blue
Hair: Argrace - Military Cap Casual Layered
Outfit: sf design - Celtic leathers black
Shoes: Redgrave - Cowboy Loafer - Black

SF Designs is a very traditional store in SL, with over 6 years of tradition!!! This is something awesome and Swaffette Firefly deserves all the credits for that amazing work that inspires trust and credibility. 

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