Fashion by Double A Presents: Jhonny Skin by Unique Megastore

People usually say that life copies art, right? In that case, I will say that art is copying life! (and pretty well, by the way!!). Unique Megastore released the male skin called Jhonny. Any resemblance is not purely coincidence. 

This skin is very realistic and has Unique's quality, that we all know quite well. I'm very impressed with the similarity with Johnny Depp himself! The face is so real.. well, I'say that the SL one is much better :P As everything in SL, we can make it all very perfect, right? No wrinkles, no age signals, no acne... so, this is the perfect Jhonny!

But please, don't tell him! Otherwise, I won't have a chance!!!

Skin: Unique Megastore - Jhonny
Shape: Unique Megastore - Jhonny
Eyes: Unique Megastore - Natural eyes 11 brown
Shirt: VanGuard - Deep V-Neck Cotton Tee White
Pants: VanGuard - Joel Jeans Blue
Necklace: Gabriel - Black Bead (free gift)

Alon Alphaville 

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