Fashion by Double A Presents: Chocolate Beauty - By aDiva Couture

There is a long time I don't blog my favorite store!!! But it's never late to share good things, right? So, here we go! This outfit is called Chocolate Beauty. This is the black one. 

The skirt is flex, double layer and mod (how good it should be if the skirts were flex in RL... ). If it were RL, I'd say that this outfit is a good option to wear after 6 pm, but in SL, you can do anything. It's also a good outfit to wear with long hairs, because it won't mess up your collar or prims you may have attached above your waist.

Skin - Alena - by Orage Creations
Eyes - Sensitive #14 - by Unique
Shoes - Madonna Heels Black - by RedGrave
Hair - Sonya Chocolate - by Truth

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