Fashion by Double A Presents: A casual day!

It's a miracle! We got an afternoon to blog together during the week! So we decided to make it a pleasant and casual day. Fortunately we have a lot of things to blog (thanks for that!!), so we put together a casual outfit and went to have some fun.

And I just realized that I'm falling in love (again and for the same awesome person that I have being with for a long time!!!), what makes it a very special day!

Ayalla wears:

Skin and Shape: Thalia Pale Diva - by Filthy
Outfit: Jeans Ultra Fade Blue & Serious White Tank - by GCD
Hair: Dura Girl # 18
Shoes: Strap Heels (White) - by RedGrave
Necklace: Cutie - by JeSyLiLo

Alon wears:

Skin: Alex by Filthy (new release)
Shape: Alex by Filthy (new release)
Eyes: aquamarine by Amperlope
Shirt: Argyle V0neck sweater by Acid&Mala (49L Sale for Dude)
Pants: Unixes Grey Fantasy Pants by Madeforyou
Shoes: Work Boots by COCO
Hat: Deep Redux by Shag (49L Sale for Dude)
Watch: Watch 01 Black by HOC Industries

Alon and Ayalla Alphaville 

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