Fashion by Double A Presents: Once upon a time in the desert...

We built our avatars with a lot of interesting items to this post! We just got these skins from Filthy and we loved it! They are very realistic with strong lines for Alex skin and mystic and charmed for Thalia. 
Dura Hair just released Game1, that Alon is wearing. It's a great look for someone who doesn't mind if their hair get messy, this is how the hair is intended to look.

You can find the Weich sweater by Schoen in 3 other colors per 300L each. HOC Indrustries have very accessible prices shoes. Alon is wearing one of the pairs! Ayalla's dress is also a new release by Ema's Secret. Her shoes are from MadeForYou, and they are just amazing. It includes the polished nails.

Ayalla is wearing:

Skin and Shape: Thalia - by Filthy
Hair: Girl15 (woodsmoke) - by Dura
Dress: Rainy Dress - by Ema's Secret
Shoes: Tight Toe open Boot - by MadeForYou
Earrings: Rigoletto Pierced - by U&R Dogs

Alon is wearing:

Skin: Alex by Filthy (new release)
Shape: Alex by Filthy (new release)
Eyes: aquamarine by Amperlope
Hair: Game1 dark brown by Dura (new release)
Shirt: Brown Weich by Schoen
Pants: Another Black Unisex Leather Pants by Madeforyou
Shoes: Skoochers by HOC Industries

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