Fashion by Double A Presents: "Once Upon A Time"

Sunday, March 13th, 2011 at 1pm slt, Xi.Lu.Phu will be holding a fantasy inspired show  titled "Once Upon A Time" featuring Inga Wind Clothes, Deviance, and May's Soul.  This is the forth show put on by Xi.Lu.Phu, and the first put on in the newly built Xing Theatre. 

  "Once Upon A Time"  is the start of accomplishing a vision for Xi.Lu.Phu. "We don't want to just have girls and guys strutting and posing with classic pose styles. We here at Xi.Lu.Phu want to put on a theatric production; the theme of the show will influences not just looks, but also poses and decor.  Designers can expect a full performance, not just hit a mark and pose sort of show."  

Xi.Lu.Phu started in December of 2010 and has put on a show every month since. Designers featured thus far have been Mimi's Boutique, Dope Swaga, Ava-tare, A&A, Battle Angel, Emotions, Inga Wind, Deviance, and May's Soul. 
Current COO is Ava Jhamin, a 2010 Miss Virtual contestant and former Partner of LC Angels. Current CEO and Owner of Xi.Lu.Phu is Jey Chau, top ten contestant of Essence of Ebony. 

Xing Theater has been turned into a wonderland to suit the show. 

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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