Fashion by Double A Presents: Jeans and Accessories

Today Ayalla got these amazing jeans from Wicked Gear (!WG!). A very creative and fashion jeans, a little different of the conventional jeans we're all used to find around. These very sexy open jeans are called White Open Fly Jeans and the outfit includes the black top. Since it's a white pair of pants, you can match it with any other top you have in your inventory. 

To the guys, !WG! is also building and maintaining a wardrobe on classics demands.The jeans sit low on the waist and fit slim through the leg so they’re good for going out or just hanging out. T-shirt goes with everything in your closet.

Truth released Mark Hair this week. And because switching up your hair is one of the fastest ways to upgrade your look, now is the time to start experimenting with your style. Ayalla is also wearing one of the newest Truth's release, called Carina. Both hairs includes and option of streaked version, where you can play with the colors of the streaks. It's amazing and works as an accessory to complete your visual. 
Ayalla is also wearing armbands and bangles by Milady's. I honestly love this store! Worth of a visit and these items shown in this post will be on sale for this whole week, participating of the It's ON Sale SL.

This post is also full of accessories! Tired of the same old men's watch designs? Curious about what's shaking up the watch industry? Join the club. Because that I want show you this Bracelet Watch Black by MadeforYou. It is fantastically simple and pure, but with the added benefit of having a bracelet too.

These cool shades from Kalnins will hide any evidence of a wild night while upping your trend ante at the same time.

Alon is wearing:

Skin: Nrey Medium Shaved by Faces Studios and Egoisme
Shape: My own by Alon Alphaville
Eyes: Eyes 3 Black by Aimesi
Hair: Mark Streaked coffee by Truth
Shirt: Wicked Tee Tribal Skull by !WG!
Pants: Ripped Casual Jeans w/sculped by !WG!
Shoes: Sneaker black Canvas 007 El Ganso by Redgrave
Sunglasses: Submariner by Kalnins
Necklace: Dimitri Men's 380 necklace by MIAO
Bracelet/Watch: Unisex Bracelet Watch Black by MadeforYou

Ayalla is wearing:

Skin: Thalia (pale Diva) - by Filthy
Shape: Thalia - by Filthy
Eyes: Real eye - by Rozena
Hair: Carina (night Streaked) - by Truth
Outfit: White Open Fly Jeans w/ Black top - by !WG!
Shoes: New Glam Heels (black) - by Redgrave
Armband/ Bangles: Extravaganzza - Onyx with precious stones - by Milady's (item and participating store to the It's ON Sale SL event)
Earrings: Rigoletto Pierced Silver - by U&R Dogs

Alon and Ayalla Alphaville

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