Fashion by Double A Presents:Pose Fair 2011 sneak peek

Yeah! We have been to the Pose Fair 2011 and all we can say is that it's AMAZING!!! The fair contains over 100 vendors from across the grid. Many are pose stores, lots are dance or ao stores, and we've even included some of the gadgetry that makes photography easier!  

We could play around some stores and it's really surprising how good the Props are! The creativity of the pose makers is really worth of a visit to the Pose Fair 2011!

You will definitely love and have lots of fun there though!

You will find all kind of poses there. Female, male, gays, family, AO's, animated furniture and so.

We can't forget to mention that some stores are with special sales during the Pose Fair 2011

Also, there are some exclusive new releases there. 

The Pose Fair 2011 will run from April 01st to April 15th. There are also some freebies and dollarbies around! 

We definitely had a lot of fun there! 
This is the classi sit from  Behavior Body. It has 10 different poses and is menu driven. 
BehaviorBody - 10 static poses accesible via menu driven and adjustable, just type /1a in chat and a menu will appear
  - 1 seat chair 9 prims only

Kami-hitoe - this is a very cool dance!

These are some poses from WDK.

Pay a visit to every single store! I'm sure you will not regret! 

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Skin Claire SunKissed Diva (C) - by .::BeautyCode::.
Shape: Shape Claire - by .::BeautyCode::.
Eyes: Real Eye (love apple) - by Rozena
Outfit: Wicked Shorts and Red Velvet - by !WG!
Shoes: Striped Sneakers (black) - by RedGrave
Hair/hat: Sarita (night) - by Truth

Alon wears:
Skin: Fab by Prodigal
Shape: Milton by Sophistishapes
Eyes: Natural eyes 14 by Unique
Shirt: Froh Moss by Shoen
Pants: Zwei Green by Schoen
Shoes: Style Sneakers Metallic Green by Redgrave
Hair: Game cupper #2 by Bad@zz
Sunglasses: Submariner by Kalnins

Aylla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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