Fashion by Double A Presents: Shiki Fashion Show @ Menswear Fashion Week

We just attended Shiki's Fashion Show at Menswear Fashion Week. Starring this first picture, Shinichi Mathy, owner and designer of SHIKI Design. I can't continue this post without saying that he is not an amazing designer, but also a kind and sweet person. As bloggers, we can say that he's always been a considerate person with us. And as passionate people about fashion that we are, we need to mention that he is such an amazing designer with excellent taste and dedicated to quality and innovation. Our thank to  Jura Shepherd, Shiki's Design PR too, that is just as kind as Shinichi.

So, the following pictures are some of the New Spring Collection 2011 designs that were presented in Shiki's Fashion Show @ Menswear Fashion Week today. 

 Shinichi Mathy launched Shiki in the Spring of 2008 with a small collection of menswear. Here we are in Spring 2011 and Shiki is still going strong with high quality, unique designs for men and women that just keep getting better with each new release.  Shiki Designs combines distinctive urban designs with hand drawn details that continue to push SL fashion to great heights using inspiration from his years living in Hawaii and the styles of his home in Japan.  Bold colour and impeccible design.  Shinichi is bringing both to the grid this Spring/Summer with his new collection for the men of Second Life.

 Making an entrance in the Pearl Shirt and Red Pants is Billyjo.  The shirt has rolled up sleeves, an open neck with prim collar and is perfect worn with the vibrant patterned pants in a eye-catching blue, black and white Hawaiian print. He is certainly ready for anything in this outfit.

The Hibiscus Suits are sure to add lots of colour to the grid this Summer.  Clyde sizzles in yellow, and Locked smoulders in pink.  Both suits have the classic style Shiki is well known for, with prim parts adding more detail in the sleeves, collar and bottom.  The colourful hibiscus on the lapels enhances the suits and draws the eye to the contrasting vee neck tees worn underneath the jackets, and are sure to brighten up any event or occasion.

 Matteo looks cool and casual in the Oahu Emerald Shirt.  Deep greens and yellows swirl in a decorative print making this the shirt for any occasion.  It can be dressed up with pants or dressed down with shorts, either way, it will brighten up the grid this summer.

Clyde Saunders is ready for a casual event, or more dressy occasion, in the Cardigan Outfit which teams up a royal blue cardigan with a light blue dress shirt with a navy tie.  The cardigan has a buttoned front and light coloured accents around the neckline and features rolled up sleeves.  The pants are a riot of colour and pattern on plain white and are sure to make an impression when you wear them

 Lexie Jansma shouts: SC Tracy brings us a splash of tropical island life with Yello Hibiscus. Crazy yellow, gold, an purple tropical print pants with belt detailing is paired with white button down shirt. Yellow hibiscus flower placed off center adds a touch of whimsy. Casually open SC is ready to sip a tropical drink in a nearby cabana!

 Thank you Shinichi Mathy for bringing the brilliance of the Hawaiian Islands and and your own unique style to the men of Second Life.  Be sure to pick up a LM and wrap yourselves up in some fabulous Shiki this Summer!!!

So this is a little bit of what happened in this amazing show! Please note that this collection will be available for purchase this week on the Menswear Fashion Week. After that, each piece will be released weekly over the next several months!

Alon and Ayalla Alphaville


Fashion Critique | March 19, 2011 at 6:50 PM

That has to be some of the worst examples of male modelling I have ever seen. Especially Harsch and BillyJo. Did no one vet these poses first? This designer deserves so much better than this. For shame.

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