Fashion by Double A Presents: One step further

Every man has that moment in the morning when he must decide how he will face the elements.
I've found this great scarf and sweater for free at Gizza. Bundling up for wintry weather can make look good a dangerously difficult task.
Every girl also have to face the hard work every morning! What to wear! It's not easy at all! It depends on a lot of things! So, to make things easier, today I pick one fashion black top by Cynful. When you are wearing a black (or white) piece, it's much easier to match with anything else!

For Alon, the black pants from Baiastice are an excelent choise for a basic wardobre, and remember (this is for guys and girls): don't be a fashion victim,buying clothes that you don't like and wear regularly! For Ayalla, these fashion baggy pants by Cynful. To wear these pants, you definitely need style and not a traditional one. It's modern and striking.

If you’ve ever noticed women checking out your shoes before their eyes rise to scan the rest of your look, then you already know this. The truth is that shoes make the man. Check this Elegance shoes from Redgrave. The same for the girls, the shoes make the woman. But in that case, girls are always checking girls shoes, right? This one Ayalla is wearing is from RedGrave.

And to complement, you'll feel like a cross between Bond and Tom Cruise wearing these Kalnins Glamorous sunglasses that are on Alon. The eyes are from Rozena.

Alon wears:

Skin: Damien type 1 by DNA
Shape: my own - Alon Alphaville
Eyes: Real Eye by Rozena
Shirt: Sweater free with scarf by Gizza (free gift)
Pants: Hive Silve trousers black by Baiastice
Shoes: Elegance shoes by Redgrave
Sunglasses: Glamorous by Kalnins
Hair/cap: Hunting by Argrace

Ayalla wears:

Skin: Easter Spc - by Filthy
Shape: Thalia - by Filthy
Eyes: Real Eye by Rozena
Top: Sushlee HalterTop (black) - by [Cynful] 
Pants: Baggy (green) - [Cynful]
Shoes: New Glam Heels (black) - by Redgrave
Earrings: Rigoletto Pierced Silver - by U&R Dogs
Hair: Priscilla 2 - by Truth

Alon and Ayalla Alphaville

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