Fashion by Double A Presents: Tabula Rasa Jewelry from HardWear

Yes, you could go with a matching accessory set, but you'd come off as a bit of a lunatic then, wouldn't you? HardWear  allows balance of a range of unique style elements, allowing for an overall consistent -- but not crazy -- look.

Jewelry with clean, minimalist design, Tabula Rasa wipes away excess design clutter to reveal the pure heart of style.  Includes 2 ear studs, eyebrow ring, lens necklace, and a working wristwatch.

Throw one new accessory into the wardrobe, and each ensemble is elevated. Toss three in there, and your style possibilities multiply.

Tabula Rasa jewelry set it is on sale.

Regular price: 150L
It's On Sale price : 75L

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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