Fashion By Double A Presents: Mashooka

I was visiting some stores these days and I knew Mashooka. It's an interesting store. An indian style, and at the same time, western creations with a very singular expression. Aradhana Voight is the creator and owner of Mashooka

Before sharing some of the amazing outfits, I went to know a little more about the style, about the store. Mashooka means female lover/ muse in hindi. The brand in SL represents sensual & elegant clothing.

This first outfit is called The Desire. It's available for sale in 5 colors. I just love when designers give this special touch in the clothes, caring about the details. Aradhana Voight definitely did! It's the perfect choice for that occasion that you wanna be very well dressed and at the same time, sexy, but not vulgar, actually much elegant.

This another one is called Danti. It's available for sale in 6 colors. It's the perfect choice for your everyday occasion. It's an elegant outfit for girls with taste and refinement.

It's important to mention that Mashooka is also available for sale at the xstreet. You can find most part of the designs there and no lag!!!


Skin: Jolie by Unique
Hair: Bonnie by Truth
Shoes: Barcelona Slingback - Black - by Armidi

Ayalla Alphaville

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