Fashion By Double A Presents: Mimi's Choice

After this great holiday weekend, where I'm sure you ate a great turkey, had these amazing moments with family and friends, some or US went shopping on the crazy Black Friday and we also can't wait for the Cyber Monday... lol.. ok, ok.. back to the subject! It's time to dedicate yourself and make some great shopping to your avatar! And why not save too?

Mimi's Choice is known as one of the best retailers for best brands in SL. Mimi Juneau is such a kind person. It's easy to understand why she got all these brands to resell. 

This outfit is Rebecca Leopard.

One of the brands represented by Mimi's Choice, called JADOR, is for 2 lucky days offering their FALL COLLECTION, 50% off!!! Seriously... it's 50% off! It's shopping season girls! But it doesn't mean that you can't save your lindens! 

This outfit is called Wild and it includes the accessories.

Remember: this sale will last for 2 days only. From Sunday 1pm till Tuesday 1pm (SLT).

Skin - Jolie - by Unique
Hair - Bonnie - by Truth

Ayalla Alphaville

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