It's better when we make it together!

We try as much as we can to make posts together, so here we go!

We made our searches and the hint today is an elaborated visual, but not totally social. 

Do you know when you have date with that special person and you want to cause a very good impression?  Look fashion and sexy? In SL, what you wear means everything in therms of impression, because no one can smell you or see how soft your hair is!

So, get the lines bellow and find the description of our looks. Dress up your avatar and have fun!

Alon is wearing:

Skin: Unique Megastore - Apolo 2G - A3
Eyes: Unique Megastore - Natural Eyes 3 blue
Hair: Truth - Drake espresso
Suit: AOHARU - British Tweed Suit Plaid Beige
Shoes: Redgrave - Classic Loafers Black
Accessories: Laqroki - Energy Tungsten Watch
Poses: *agapee*

Ayalla is wearing:
Skin: Unique Megastore - Jolie
Eyes: Unique Megastore - Sensitive Eyes 14
Hair: Truth - Liv (Chocolate)
Outfit: aDiva Couture -  Jaymee Satin Stripe Leather Mix Dress Blood
Shoes: Armidi -  Barcelona Slingback (Black)
Accesories: Milady's - Resonance- Onyx with White Pearls Set
Poses: *agapee*

Alon A. & Ayalla A.
(Double A)

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