Fashion Double A Presents - Snowflake by Tres Beau

I love this cold weather! I think people get well dressed, they look more elegant... and in this second life, it's even better! We can dress up like a snowflake, for example. It's lovely!

This snowflake outfit, from Tres Beau - by Kimmera Madison is just so cute! It's so inspiring! 

The outfit includes the necklace, the hairband and armbands too. The details in the body are so amazing and make the look much more graceful. 

It's also very important to mention that it'll cost 300L until Nov 26th, at midnight (it's a black Friday, right?!?!) and after that, it'll be back to 600L.

You can't miss it... it's not always we can get such great outfit and so themed to the season with this awesome quality and price. 

By now, it's available at Tres Beau and after Friday, it'll be also available at the main store.

Skin - Jolie - by Unique
Eyes - Sensitive 14 - by Unique
Hair - HB style 08 - by Laq
Shoes - Scent of a Rose (White) - By Milady's
Earrings - winter snow flakes - by Alba Fashion

Ayalla Alphaville

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