Double A Presents: Truth

Every girl is always worried about her hairs, everyday! In this second life, things can not be different. That's why Truth has always some new releases for us, every week.

Bonnie is a good model to be used with clothes that have prims around the neck or even with some night gown. It's a good hair for formal occasions.

Francesca is a modern style of hair. You can use it in any casual occasion. It's definitely an everyday hair.

Sonya is the kind of hair we should you to look like we have just got ready to go. You know those days you work a lot, you do a lot of things and then you look at the mirror and can still feel you are looking good? This is the perfect hair for that.

Try your demos and get the ones you like most or that most fit your needs!!!! Because in matters of quality, Truth is the best!

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