Double A presents: Unique Apolo 2G

Hello there!

Harmony between accessories, clothes, skin, shape, hair and eyes, is the key for a great avatar. Just like in your RL... if you have great clothes, but your skin is not good, you'll probably loose some points in your visual.

I've visited some stores of skins, and there are a lot of good ones, but the one that most called my attention is Apolo 2G by Unique. Actually, I'm really impressed with the power of these pixels! These designers are really artists! We had the chance to meet Iarita Beck, one  of the designers and such a kind person. 

This skin from Unique is so much real. The body is perfect and have real lines. It's available in 13 face styles, that will match perfectly yours. 

For the body, you also have the option to use or not hair.

Each face style, includes hair base and a pair of eyes that is a suggestion for you. If you buy them individually, the price is L$ 1,499. If you decide to have all of the face styles (and it'll be such an intelligent option), the price of the 12 face styles, including a pair of eyes (they are natural green), hair base and the shape, the price will be L$ 4,999. It's much more deal if you are interested in getting more than one face style. 

So, why don't you stop by and check this skin yourself? The demo is available at the store.

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