Fashion in Pixels SL Feed


It is a feed dedicated to the fashion in the virtual words.

This site was made so you can keep up with new articles and content from other fashion blogs.

Whenever new content is published, it’ll show up and you can find all the best content of virtual fashion in here!

We understand that the virtual world has grown very rapidly, and it keeps us connected with the real world in many ways.

From where you are, you can check what is happening in fashion in Japan, in anywhere in Europe, in the Americas … in one click, the world comes to your screen!

Thus, the fashion in virtual worlds, expresses much of the fashion trend in real life, and it’s a form of manifestation of art, because each pixel creation, and the way that every blogger see and translate this creation in their blog, they are art.

Here, we value the work of each “artist” with the disclosure and to you reader, we want to bring information.

Enjoy, read, inform yourself, fall in love … the best of the virtual worlds, the best in fashion, in pixels, you’ll find here!

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Ayalla Alphaville & Alon Alphaville

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